Our vision includes renovation of the existing farmhouse, improvement of the grounds for increased sustainable agricultural capacity, and the addition of a guest retreat cottage. 

 the farmhouse

the farmhouse

The farmhouse and landscaped grounds will continue to serve as the heart of the property. The kitchen, dining, and living areas flow through to outdoor common areas: porches, a fire ring, sheltered outdoor dining space, pocket contemplation gardens, a labyrinth, and trails for walking meditation. These central gathering spaces will be open for common use and may be made available for group events. 

 Site map

Site map

Rustic accommodations, trails, and tent camping will be available to provide guests with intimate experiences of time in nature

permaculture design sample

In partnership with Design + Dialogue, we are implementing small scale subsistence level agriculture will support guests and community members. Farming will be based on permaculture principles, an integrated system of plant and animal production intended to preserve longevity and enhance environmental quality through water and soil conservation.

 example studio hermitage

example studio hermitage

A studio dwelling situated in the forest will be made available to guests for self-directed retreats. This tranquil space will facilitate quiet reflection and the opportunity to rest, create, breathe, and reconnect to natural rhythms.



We invite you to join us as we move forward! Read on to learn more.

Since our vision of turning this property into a retreat and event space first coalesced in 2014, we have taken marked steps toward making it a reality. Over the past many months we have worked diligently through the planning phase to lay a solid foundation for action.

Why this matters 

There are so many people trying to put good out into the world, personally and professionally. As clinicians (RNs, doctors, NPs, CNAs, MAs…), civil servants, social workers, activists, parents, teachers, volunteers... we give and give and give. There are also many of us who have suffered devastating losses that have prompted us to spend our lives searching for purpose and meaning, looking for a way to honor who or what we’ve lost.

We pour forth so much of ourselves as we work to leave the world a little better than we found it. The ability to do that doesn’t come from an endless fount. We dry up – and you can’t pour from an empty cup, so we are working hard to carve out a sanctuary for those who are channeling skills, devastation, and hope into action.

With the planned property improvements, Hebron Hill can provide quiet experiences of solace in a gorgeous setting for individuals or small groups. Work will take place in phases, beginning closest to the heart of the property, moving outward toward the forest.

Phase 1. Presently the original farmhouse is the only intact structure on the property. With renovation, it will sleep up to 12 people. As you can imagine, after nearly 100 years, this space needs quite a bit of attention before it can comfortably house guests including structural repairs, utility upgrades, updated furnishings and fixtures, and atmospheric intervention (which really just means HVAC and insulation, but ‘atmospheric intervention’ puts a little fun back into it).

Phase 2. Hardscaping outdoor gathering spaces, trails for walking meditation, and planting gardens for quiet contemplation.

Phase 3. We also plan to later add one to two hermitages. These small, fully-equipped cottages will be tucked into the edges of the forest and provide greater solitude for those who desire it. These smaller more private quarters will be equipped with composting toilets, furniture, and solar electricity for a comforting, peaceful stay. Natural surroundings will be complemented by a calm, clean elemental aesthetic with building materials derived from stone, wood, glass and metal. For those who enjoy a more rustic experience, we will also provide two three-season geodesic structures with dry sinks, composting toilets, and wood stoves.

Hebron Hill provides visitors with nourishment for body and soul. Guests will have access to our 100+ acres of walking trails, spots for quiet contemplation, soothing vistas, and meditation gardens. Farm-fresh eggs, cheese, honey, and produce from our site as well as additional food and beverages from other local vendors will be made available for consumption. Come for a weekend or stay for a month. The property will be run Air B’n’B –style, no need for awkward interaction with strangers, just let yourself in, make yourself at home, and begin unwinding.

We value the work that each of you do to make this world a more just, healthy, and loving place and we want to do what we can with what we have to enable you to keep doing it. We aren't interested in profits - we are interested in helping you take care of yourself so you can keep doing what you do. 

Risks & Challenges

We have worked diligently with our architect and contractors to put forth a realistic timeline. However, construction, permits, and ordering supplies can sometimes create unforeseen delays. We strive to stay on target and share updates of our construction and implementation process often. Your generosity will ensure that our launch stays on target and on budget.

The owners of Hebron Hill are a highly-qualified group of individuals and we've assembled a fantastic team to help us overcome any hurdles. Together, we have the skills and abilities to address challenges and implement creative solutions. Among us, we have experience in law, management, construction, engineering, marketing, hospitality, agriculture, budgeting, bookkeeping, and outreach to name a few things.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are able to contribute only a small amount or not anything at all, there is still so much you can do to help us get off the ground. 

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign and what we're trying to do. Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and encourage others to give (Use the Indiegogo share tools!)
  • Stay in touch! Sign up to receive updates on our website. Follow us on social media!
  • Share your knowledge, time, skills, and abilities. We've got a lot of hard labor in our future and we'll take all the volunteer elbow grease we can get! Even if you aren't located in our area but find our goals valuable and inspiring, you may have other valuable contributions to offer. Reach out! We'll reach back.